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Meet Team Eisenberg

Anat Eisenberg

Anat & Eran are the driving force behind Team Eisenberg - one of the most prolific teams in New Jersey real estate history.

Over the years, Team Eisenberg has sold over 600 properties with a worth of over half a Billion dollars. In Tenafly, where the Eisenbergs reside and raised their 3 children, they have sold close to $300 Million Dollars.

Eran and Anat have compiled some amazing sales statistics and an incredible amount of awards and accolades yet when you speak with them you realize that, for them, it is not about the numbers or the awards. They are still passionate about real estate and it shows every day…

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Enhance Your Home’s Appeal With These Tips

Enhance  your home’s appeal by decluttering

Like most people you probably accumulated a lot of “stuff” over the years that you have either forgotten about or, have not come around to deciding what to do with, donate, throw away or just re-arrange.

When preparing your house for the market, decluttering is by far one of the most effective things you can do in order to increase your home?s appeal to prospective buyers.

Below are some pointers, to help you clear out unnecessary stuff that could take away from your home’s appeal and value.

  • Entrance foyer and hallways.

    Enhance Your Home’s Appeal With These TipsYour foyer should look welcoming, which can include putting down a nice rug or bench. Decluttering these areas will optimize flow and make the narrow spaces look wider.

  • Kitchen.

Be sure to clean off your workspaces, organize drawers and cabinets, remove fridge magnets, clear off the window sills, stage the shelves, organize the pantry, and clean out the oven and fridge.

  • Closets and storage areas.

    One way to declutter these areas is to minimize the number of coats and accessories you keep in them. Sort through the items in your closets and let go of anything you no longer need, want, or use. Also, consider keeping seasonal clothes in vacuum-packed bags and seasonal shoes in plastic bins in the attic or basement if space is an issue.Enhance Your Home’s Appeal With These Tips

  • Home office.

    Tidy up any paperwork with letter holders and trays, box up anything you don?t need and store it elsewhere, keep desk surfaces as clear as possible, and be sure to organize your drawers, cabinets, and shelves.

  • The playroom

is a good place to take a minimalist approach, and you can make it look inviting with pops of color; playrooms should be inviting.

  • Basement and/or lower levels.

    Here, you should organize any bookshelves, take down personal photos, and stage the room to look bright and open. You can keep your furniture, but it might be a good idea to swap out an ottoman for a more functional, attractive coffee table.

  • Exterior space.

    Enhance Your Home’s Appeal With These TipsTo show off the aesthetic and utility of your exterior spaces, remove any yard debris, old toys, and rusty swing sets. Hide the trash cans, clean out the shed, trim overgrown landscaping, and add fresh mulch to your flowerbeds in the spring, summer, and fall.

Not sure what to do in your own home?  Contact me,  I’d be happy to do an in-person or, virtual home prep walk-through with you. Text/Call 201.341.4765