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Harrington Park Properties

Harrington Park is a quiet bedroom community with only 5000 residents. Volunteerism is the backbone of this community. The Volunteer Fire Department and Ambulance Corps have grown in size over the years. Harrington Park schools are part of a blue ribbon school system which is one of the best in the County and State. A vast amount of property has been dedicated for beautiful and functional parks for the residents to enjoy. The town’s recreational acreage is one of the highest per capita in the state.

Why buy Real Estate in Harrington Park?

  • Harrington Park has an excellent public school system.
  • Harrington Park has a reasonable commute to Manhattan, approx. 40 minutes.
  • Harrington Park has some of the largest per capita recreational acreage in the county.
  • Harrington Park has a true small town feel, yet very close to Manhattan.