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Tenafly Schools

Tenafly School Information

Tenafly Public and Private Schools provide education to approximately 4000 students, right from kindergarten through the twelfth grade. Besides high-quality education, these schools also offer great co-curricular activities. Also, educational systems and services are regularly upgraded to match the changing needs of the student community. The Tenafly Board of Education continually stresses to improve educational standards in the town without putting too much stress on the taxpayer. Offering some of the best educational options in Bergen County, and providing schools with a congenial environment for learning, this year’s budget was designed to suit the taxpayers too. The new spending plan for 2011-2012 proposed that taxpayers with homes assessed at an average of $783,900 would see an increase of $355, which is lesser than the state-mandated cap of 2%. The district would also receive state aid of $534,000. It has been proposed, that half of the state aid would help to reduce the tax levy while the other half would go towards technology plans and programs in the district. The result of Tenafly’s commitment to education is an extremely high demand for Tenafly’s schools in nearby towns. For this reason, starting in 2011, Tenafly students must re-register to Tenafly schools while providing proof of residency, preventing non-residents from taking advantage of Tenafly Taxpayers.

Tenafly High School
Tenafly Middle School
Tenafly Schools - Maugham Elementary
Tenafly Schools - Smith Elementary
Tenafly Schools - Stillman Elementary
Tenafly Schools - Mackay Elementary

Tenafly School system details

The schools of Tenafly serve approximately 3,680 students from the region. The town has four K-5 elementary schools, Tenafly Middle school for grades 6-8, and Tenafly High School for grades 9-12.

Tenafly Elementary Schools

The four listed elementary schools serve classes K-5 to a range of students. While initially admissions were based solely on geographical location, since June 2006, children are assigned to schools based on the capacity fulfillment of each school also. This will ensure that none of the schools are overburdened or under-capacity.


This school received a rating of 10/10 by, an independent site that grades schools. Besides education, its extracurricular features include basketball, band, radio, video, and multimedia.


The Ralph S Maugham Elementary school of Tenafly offers good education and co-curricular activities. It received a rating of 9/10 from Its extra-curricular features include band, PE classes, science, and technology. The student-teacher ratio is approximately 16:1.


The J. Spencer Smith School has a fine reputation in the region. It has a student-teacher ratio of 16.4 and is noted for its great leadership, high-quality teachers, and good involvement of parents.


Walter Stillman Elementary school of Tenafly is also of noted repute. With approximately 400 students enrolled in its various classes, it supports extracurricular activities such as martial arts, band, and community service.

Tenafly Middle School

Serving grades 6-8 in the Tenafly Schools district, Tenafly Middle School is also regarded as one of the best in the region. It has also received a 10/10 rating by The student per teacher ratio is noted to be at 13.7. The school is also noted to provide high-quality education, extra-curricular activities, and good after-school programs.

Tenafly High School

This is a 4-year comprehensive public school catering to students from grades 9th-12th. Tenafly High School caters to over 1000 students and has a student-teacher ratio of 12:2. The school is ranked as the third-best in New Jersey. The school is also noted for its debate teams, tennis teams, ice hockey, football, swimming and basketball teams. As part of a sending/receiving relationship, students from Alpine also attend the Tenafly High School. You can view here the Tenafly Academic Profile Report and college placements for the school year 2016-2017

Tenafly Private schools

Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Church and School Set up by a group of Roman Catholic Christians, this school caters to children from pre-K to the 8th grade. It also offers an After School Program. The school teaches about religion through its entire academic program.

Korean School of New Jersey: Registered as a non-profit educational foundation, this school features teachers from South Korea. The student-to-teacher ratio is 20:1.

  • Korean School of New Jersey 201-568-9020

The Montessori House Preschool is a primary and kindergarten school that offers an interactive form of education. The student-to-teacher ratio is approximately 10:1. It is also noted to meet the standards of a Full Member School of the American Montessori Society.

Spring School Catering to children aged two onwards to 8th grade, this school positions itself as an affordable private school. Besides academics, it is noted to provide classes in physical education, performing arts, and after school clubs.

Solomon Schechter Day school of Bergen County The school specializes in infusing Jewish values through its academic curriculum. Fluency in Hebrew is encouraged and children receive the foundation towards a better understanding of the Jewish and world communities.

Chabad Jewish Day School The Lubavitch on the Palisades school offers a nurturing environment, creative learning, and h3 educational foundation. Students benefit from a good student to teacher ratio, professional staff of early childhood specialists, and modern equipment and manipulatives to aid the teaching process. The school offers classes for preschoolers and first and second graders and prides itself in providing holistic learning that encompasses education, social growth, and spiritual development.

JCC After School program JCC After school programs offer an enriching experience for children to learn, grow and develop in a safe nurturing Jewish environment. Catering to the needs of children from kindergarten through Grade 12, the range of programs includes aspects like transportation, supervision of homework, social-recreational activities, and also vacation programs.

Tenafly Schools Statistics

More than 95% of graduates go on to higher education. Besides the various public schools, the town also has five good private schools too. The combined average SAT score for 2016-2017 is 1325

Awards and recognition

Tenafly schools have received various awards and much recognition for providing good education to students. In September 2005, the United States Department of Education awarded the ‘Blue Ribbon School Award’ to Tenafly High School. This school was also ranked as the 3rd Best High School in New Jersey by the ‘New Jersey Monthly’ in its 2010 survey of ‘Top public high schools’ in New Jersey. The same magazine had also ranked Tenafly schools as the best in the state in 1996.

Special co-curricular activities

Besides providing top-quality education, the schools here have various special programs too. Tenafly boasts a broad range of placement and honors courses, and also an interdepartmental humanities honors class that focuses on the historical and cultural development of Western civilization. Another noteworthy aspect of the school system is its music program, which runs from kindergarten through graduation. There is also a gifted and talented kids program called the Talent Bank, where volunteers boost classroom programs with their practical experience.