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Englewood Cliffs Schools

Englewood Cliffs School Information

This town has a range of public and private schools that offer a high quality of education from kindergarten to the 8th grade. For high school, children usually attend the Dwight Morrow High School of Englewood as part of a sending/receiving relationship.

Englewood Cliffs Schools - Upper Elementary School
Englewood Cliffs Schools - Northern Cliffs Elementary

Northcliff Elementary School

The school has over 160 students and the ratio between students and teachers is noted to be at 14:1. Students attend this school for pre-kindergarten to 2nd grade.

Upper School

With approximately 260 students, the school caters to students from the 3rd to the 8th grade. The ratio between students and teachers is 12:1. Independent grading website, grades this school with 10 out of 10 stars.

Japanese Children’s Society

This is a private school with approximately 250 students. It serves them from pre-kindergarten to the 6th grade. With the mission of providing good quality education to Japanese children, the school stresses that students are given a comprehensive knowledge of Japanese culture and language.

Englewood Schools Education Statistics

The overall student-to-teacher ratio in the public schools of Englewood is noted to be at 12.7. The comparative cost per pupil for K-8 in the year 2008 was reported at $12,420 in the district.

Special Co-Curricular Attractions

The town offers a range of co-curricular attractions besides what is provided at schools. There are many summer camp fairs and children-specific events in the city.