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Cresskill Schools

Cresskill Schools and Education

The town of Cresskill has four good public schools and one private educational institution. The Board of Education governs education services in this district, and administration lies in the hands of a Superintendent of Schools, a School business administrator and three principals.

Cresskill Schools - Edward Bryan Elementary
Cresskill Schools - Meritt Elementary
Cresskill Schools - Middle School
Cresskill Schools - High School

Cresskill Elementary Schools

Cresskill has two public elementary schools that are further detailed below.

Edward H Bryan Elementary School

This school caters to over 500 children from grades K-6. The school is noted to make AYP (Adequate Yearly Progress) under the ‘No Child Left Behind Act. The student-to-teacher ratio is 12:1, which is very good as compared to the state average of 11:1.

Merritt Memorial Elementary School

This is another public elementary school that serves approximately 350 students in the region. Under the ‘No child left behind’ scheme, this school too shows AYP based on set parameters. The student-to-teacher ratio is 10:1 in this school.

Cresskill Middle School

This is the only middle school in the region and it serves grades 6-8. It received a rating of 8 out of 10 stars from The ratio between students and teachers was noted at 16.4.

Cresskill Junior-Senior High School

This is the only public middle to high-level school present in the town. With over 750 enrollments, this school caters to students from grades 7-12. The student-to-teacher ratio is noted at 12:1. This school too meets AYP standards which are based on set parameters.

Cresskill Private Schools

St. Therese Elementary School

This private school in Cresskill serves approximately 230 students. Children can attend pre-kindergarten, kindergarten and grades one to eight. The school is Roman Catholic in origin and has a student-to-teacher ratio of 18:1. It is also a member of the National Catholic Educational Association.

Cresskill Schools Education Statistics

The school ranks in the district factor group ‘I’, the second-highest regarding socio-economic status. The comparative cost per pupil was seen to average at $13,632 for the year 2009. The combined average SAT score for 2016-2017 is 1192.

Awards and recognition

The Cresskill High School was listed as the 5th best school in New Jersey as per a survey conducted by Newsweek in 2007. As per the New Jersey Monthly magazine, this school was ranked as the 55th best public high school in the state out of 322 such schools in 2010.

Special Co-Curricular Attractions

Various schools offer a range of co-curricular activities to students in Cresskill. The town also features various camps in summer and street fairs throughout the year.