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What is Home Staging and Why Should you Go Through the Bother?

Home staging is the act of preparing your house for sale. The goal of staging is to highlight your home’s strengths, downplay its weaknesses and appeal to the greatest possible pool of prospective buyers thereby selling a property more swiftly and for more money.

Sometimes a paint job is all it takes to enhance the appeal of an older home…


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Our Approach to Staging Your Home

We use a common sense approach that does not break the bank and that will make the buyers fall in love with your home so that they will want to live there.
Most home buyers’ first impressions and feelings can be effectively influenced by you, the seller, with the use of good home staging. We cannot control location but we can influence the curb appeal and indoor appeal.

Study shows that the most important factors for the buyers’ first impressions of a home’s interior are:

  • Cleanliness, Clutter and Odor 35%
  • Decor 21%
  • Condition & Lighting 16%
  • Floor Plan 15%
  • Rooms 13%.

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Home Staging Is Not Interior Decorating

Unlike interior decorating, home staging is about decor that is not taste-specific, yet appeals to the profile of the target buyer. It is geared to make your house attractive to potential buyers by portraying a lifestyle that they can aspire to and, to create an emotional connection to the house even if it is not exactly what they would like it to be right now.

With interior decorating, you the homeowner, are designing and improving the house to your own preferences and lifestyle.

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Main Home Staging Tips

  • Often the main things needed to enhance the house appeal cost nothing; de-clutter; depersonalize; organize; pare back on furniture and accessories; and re-position existing furniture, accessories and artwork for better balance and flow
  •  Listen to the Realtor’s suggestions… Most homeowners don’t have the buyer’s eyes that a professional realtor or home stager will when walking through the home. The owners have gotten used to walking past the overgrown bushes in the front yard blocking all of the light from coming into the windows. The dated wallpaper and lighting fixtures have been in the bathroom so long that they seem to be part of the family ….
  •  Stage right away when launching the home to the market, because the home will look its best and you will be most likely to get offers quick and for more money

Main Topics To Be Addressed

  • De-Cluttering & Odors-by far the most important and influential things to do. It impacts 35% of the buyer’s first impression and is 50% of what sellers can control.

  • Pets- while we know that they are full members of the family, realize that many potential buyers suffer from allergies. Or are just not pet-friendly. Grooming, and keeping them outside of the house during showings will allow prospective buyers to concentrate on your home.
  • Smokers- about 80% of today’s buyers do not smoke. If you smoke then we will need to address the odor issue and suggest that you do not smoke in the house
  • Paint- Where needed to refresh the house
  • Make Sure your house is presentable for showings, make sure beds are made, the kitchen is clear, the sink is empty, lights are on, the front lawn is trimmed and manicured.

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