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Anat Eisenberg’s Team Downsizing Guide


Thinking about moving? Ready to move?

Anat Eisenberg's Team Guide To Downsizing


The Anat Eisenberg Team is no stranger to downsizing – downsizing can stir up a lot of emotions, especially when you’re leaving a home you’ve lived in for years. Many times people decide to downsize after their kids move out and that can be an overwhelming event on its own.

At Team Eisenberg we recognize that it is a very big step in your life and we have the set up to take the “overwhelm” out of every step of the process for you so that you never have to navigate it on your own.

We will help you dealing with Listing and selling your home | improvements to increase salability | De-clutter | Sort | Organize | Sell | Donate | Dispose of | Recycle | Deliver | Pack | Move | Unpack | Settle In

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Overwhelmed? Too Much Stuff? Want to Downsize?

Anat Eisenberg's Team Guide To Downsizing


Downsizing involves more work than a regular move because of all of the stuff you’ve accumulated while living in your home for the past decade/s. Your new home will most likely be smaller with less room for furniture, but you will be freed from the stress and anxiety that comes with overpaying and caring for a home and possessions you no longer need.

There are many places openly asking for donated items and there are also people willing to buy your things. Once you’ve thinned down your possessions, you will be free to pursue a smaller place that is more convenient and appropriate for this new chapter in your life.

An Opportune Time, New Adventures

Anat Eisenberg's Team Guide To Downsizing

New Opportunities!

Downsizing is also an opportune time to switch up your lifestyle. Sell the house with all of the space you no longer need in exchange for a small, personal space you own in the neighborhood you’d really like to be in.

Embrace the positive things, opportunities and flexibility that will come when making this move and transition to your next chapter.

“Team Eisenberg was our miracle worker” – Read what our clients say

After 32 years of accumulation, drawers and closets swollen and forced closed, piles of paperwork covering every table, taking the word “clutter ” to a new level, it was time to sell our family home. My husband and I thought it would take at least a year to be able to list our home. Then Anat arrived…read the full review

Are you ready? Things To Consider

  • How much space do you need? If you are an empty nester and have not used most of your bedrooms in years…then what are you waiting for?
  • Are you tired of paying the high real estate taxes? If you are than…what are you waiting for?.. it is time to move to a lower tax location
  • Are maintenance and upkeep wearing you down? A big house and at that an older house requires sometimes big repairs such as leaking roof, heating system etc. It is time to simplify your life and make it easier.
  • Things you could do with all the equity you have accumulated in your home – this is an opportunity to change your lifestyle, travel more, or help your kids. Free up that wealth you have accumulated in your house.
  • What type of lifestyle do you envision for yourself? The most significant and exciting part of downsizing is a lifestyle change. At Team Eisenberg we’ve helped so many clients find the perfect community best suited to their ideal lifestyle, and we can help you too.
Anat Eisenberg's Team Guide To Downsizing

Off To A New Adventure

Our Advice

  • Not sure – throw it out! – Mark all the stuff that is unusable, broken or stuff you don’t even remember why it is there with a Red Sticker. Mark all the stuff you want to keep with Green Sticker.  This way the people we will bring you will know quickly what to throw and what to store for your next move
  • Donate –We accumulate so much stuff that we forget about or never use. Luckily there are many organizations that will be happy to make it of use to someone in need. Donate things you don’t need anymore!
  • Sell Stuff you don’t need – you most likely will move to a smaller place and will not need our old Beanie Babies Collection any more or that second dishes set. You can post it on eBay or arrange for a Tag sale and get some money for it to help with the move.
  • Keep your memories – memories are kept alive not by things, but by the memories themselves. Only take the most important stuff with you. Create digital copies of your old videos, photographs (companies such as Legacybox) will do it for you.
  • Rent Storage Space – for the things you can’t possibly decide on right now, but don’t have space in your new smaller space. You can find inexpensive options close to where you move to.
  • Organize important records – before moving so that they are accessible to you when you need those. Any paperwork related to the house ( deed etc.), medical records, Bank statements, Tax returns, Investments paperwork. You can store them in the storage space you will rent.