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Anat & Eran are the driving force behind Team Eisenberg - one of the most prolific teams in New Jersey real estate history.

Over the years, Team Eisenberg has sold over 600 properties with a worth of over half a Billion dollars. In Tenafly, where the Eisenbergs reside and raised their 3 children, they have sold close to $300 Million Dollars.

Eran and Anat have compiled some amazing sales statistics and an incredible amount of awards and accolades yet when you speak with them you realize that, for them, it is not about the numbers or the awards. They are still passionate about real estate and it shows every day…

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Why List or Buy With Anat? Read What Our Customers Say

If you are looking for a professional, experienced, responsive, committed, super business-focused, straight shooter type agent, Anat is for you

If you are looking for a professional, experienced, responsive, committed, super business-focused, straight shooter type agent, Anat is for you. Especially, if you are a first time home buyer and moving into a new town (I moved to Tenafly, NJ), Anat will definitely be able to provide you with great advice, local tips, all the service you need, and more. Anat was super helpful from A to Z, but tremendously helpful during the signing to closing phase, as she pretty much drove the process and pushed the seller’s agent to get things done in a certain time period. This is important because as a buyer, you will usually need to deal with mortgage companies and you don’t want to mess around with their schedule (there can be an additional cost, more underwriting process, etc.). I was really lucky to have Anat on my side. I was probably not her easiest client (pretty detailed and hands-on myself), but she listened to me, got what I wanted, and the bottom line is we got it done together. I am extremely happy with the house we purchased, and our agent Anat that supported us the entire time. Thanks again Anat and job well done!

Chris Saito | Tenafly NJ | October 2020

...Anat gets the job done on every level

"Anat was amazing from start to finish of finding our new home. She is so hardworking and knowledgeable of the market. She goes out of her way to make sure that the client is happy. She gets the job done on every level. She is very easy to reach and will immediately call or text with any questions we had. We are so happy to have met her as she found us our dream home! I would recommend her to anyone and we have already!!! Thank you, Anat for being so awesome!"

Michelle Molina & Jonathan Arad | Demarest NJ | October 2020

...Anat connected us with lenders, lawyers, home restoration companies, local businesses, contractors...

We first connected with Anat when we were moving from Michigan to Tenafly in NJ. She shared good insights about the neighborhood, schools, and introduced us to a few people who could make us feel comfortable about Tenafly. She discussed the pros and cons of the homes we were considering and helped us pick the right home for our family.
Anat was very helpful again when we started looking to buy a home to raise our kids and she shared knowledge of the neighborhood, homes under consideration, connected us with lenders, lawyers, home restoration companies, local businesses, contractors, and many more people to help us purchase, remodel comfortably live in the house. We love our new home and it worked out great.

Avneesh & Sanjay Gupta | Tenafly NJ | July 2020

... I am a real estate attorney. I chose them over realtors I knew...

We can't say enough about the professionalism and expertise of Team Eisenberg. I am a real estate attorney. I chose them over realtors I knew and had worked with because of their well-deserved reputation.
We were not intending to list our house until March. She advised to list immediately so as to be in the market earlier to beat competitive listings to the MLS and to find the more serious buyers. She was right. The house sold in 4 days. And we avoided the problems created by selling a house during the pandemic.
Anat and Eran presented us with the most relevant comps which allowed us to list at a price acceptable to us which would assure interest. They gave excellent ideas as to how to stage the house.
Perhaps the most important benefit to using them was their marketing skills. The photos, 3-D videos and printed materials they prepared were excellent. They had the listing on every important site.
We had a long period between contract and closing. They gave us excellent advice in negotiating the home inspection issues and stayed on top of every aspect of the deal through the closing.
We can't recommend Team Eisenberg any more highly. Anyone listing their house would be wise to choose them.
We are very thankful to Team Anat

Allan & Ann Bell | Tenafly | June 2020

...they are very knowledgeable & always available and helpful ...

Team Eisenberg with Anat and Eran on the team has once helped us purchased our home almost 12 years ago, now most recently was our broker to sell our home. Anat and Eran are very knowledgeable, always available and helpful. It was great to work with them both.
We highly recommend Team Eisenberg.

Dominique & Manrico Calzoni | Tenafly NJ | March 2020

... they handled the entire process with enthusiasm, passion, and professionalism ...

We were extremely happy with Team Eisenberg. Anat and Eran handled the entire process with enthusiasm, passion, and professionalism. They knew how to market and negotiate our house with various means. As a result, we were able to sell the house in a timely manner. We would recommend the team to anybody.

Henry Lee | Tenafly NJ | March 2020

... their marketing and negotiating skills are beyond excellent...

In June of 2018, we sold our family home in Tenafly, NJ under the expertise of Team Eisenberg ( Anat and Eran). When it came time to sell an inherited high rise apartment in Cliffside Park, NJ we didn’t hesitate to call Anat and Eran again. Since we had already moved out of state, and the market ( in that building) was difficult, we anticipated a long, hard process.

Instead, it was the easiest sale we ever made. From the first communication to the end result, Team Eisenberg was on top of every detail, often responding in minutes. They are honest, dedicated professionals; their marketing and negotiating skills are beyond excellent. They go above and beyond anyone’s expectations. Every client receives the same amount of attention whether you list a large house or small apartment.

They give savvy, sound advice. For us, that resulted in a sale within 10 weeks in a building where there were 33 apartments for sale and no closings for 6 months. Anat and Eran Eisenberg are the only realtors we would put our trust in.

Rhonda and Kenneth Goldberg | Cliffside Park NJ | January 2020

...unbelievably efficient! Without her great effort, we won’t be able to close on time as we planned...

In our recent home purchase, Anat and Eran were the seller’s agent. However, they went the extra mile to help us the buyer to address our concerns and resolve issues coming up during the closing process. Anat brought the original builder of the house (which was built 10+ years ago) to explain to us the design of the house and building details. This was extremely helpful for people like us with limited knowledge of architecture.

A week from our closing date, we had a survey showing neighbors fence built on this property. Typically attorney is responsible to resolve such issues, involving the seller and neighbor. This typically will take weeks sometimes months to resolve. In order to help both us and the seller to close on time, she spent a whole day with the neighbor and fence contractor and made an agreement among all parties that the fence to be moved back to the neighbor’s property line! This is unbelievably efficient. Without her great effort, we won’t be able to close on time as we planned. Even more, a couple of days after closing, Anat and Eran worked with the contractor to finish the fence moving job.

During the whole process, I am deeply impressed with their professionalism and dedication to their clients. No wonder I see their signs on many many properties they are representing in Tenafly and nearby towns

Qian Scott Song - Tenafly NJ - December 2019

... Anat is incredibly thorough and diligent throughout the process..

Anat Eisenberg is the most PROFESSIONAL and trustworthy agent!! Anat’s dedication, professionalism, and knowledge of the field are UNPARALLELED!! A true expert, super responsive (answering every text message within minutes!!) and most importantly - reliable! With the amazing help of Anat Eisenberg and her team, we recently sold our home in Tenafly and bought our DREAM house in Tenafly! And we couldn’t be happier with our new home and with the whole process of selling and buying!!! Anat made it EASY and QUICK!! She is incredibly thorough and diligent throughout the process. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Anat Eisenberg and her team to any person who is looking for the highest level of service and expertise!"

Roni Frank - Tenafly, NJ -December 2019

...If you want the deal done with zero nonsense and in record time look no further...

An amazingly professional, dedicated, and powerful leader and team, that did not leave a stone unturned in pursuit of helping us sell and buy a home in Tenafly. If you want the deal done with zero nonsense and in record time look no further.

Oren & Roni Frank - Tenafly NJ - December 2019

....we signed a contract to sell the house within a few short weeks...

We’ve hired Team Eisenberg to represent us on the sale of our house in Tenafly. Anat and Eran were extremely effective as a team! The marketing of the property included a full set of professionally made photos, video and floorplans. They always made sure we had full exposure on traditional listing websites as well as social media. They were relentless with marketing, including weekly open house events. Their efforts proved effective when we signed a contract to sell the house within a few short weeks

Tammy Levy - Tenafly NJ - August 2019

...I never wondered for one second whether the sale of my house was other than of great importance to them...

Selling a home can be exceedingly anxiety-producing, fraught as it is with sale advertisements, home repair, packing then moving.

Team Eisenberg offers astounding attention to each of these details.

Advertisements of my home sale were beautiful and plentiful; Assessment of both major and minor pre-sale repairs was thorough. The immediate appearance of competent and careful professional experts to handle all that was necessary seemed magical.

Double-checking of the perfect execution and completion of significant pre-sale elements is routine to Anat.

I never wondered for one second whether the sale of my house was other than of great importance to them.

My ongoing relationship with Team Eisenberg was educational, supportive, and entertaining.

It’s hard to imagine anything better.

Diane Friedman - Tenafly NJ -July 2019

....Professional, Detail oriented, Supportive....

Anat is the most professional, detail oriented, supportive and reliable real estate agent. She held our hand through the whole process as first-time homeowners. She is well informed not only on homes; she is knowledgeable about real estate law, development, contracting and the list goes on. A true expert in the field. If you want an agent who is very direct, honest and result oriented, she is for you.

Yelena Meytes - June -2019

Great Team Work with Eran and Anat!

Very nice and knowledgeable agents and it was a pleasure working with them. They were always available when I had questions and helped me through a transaction from beginning to end. Great presentations too!

Yeun Koh - Fort Lee - September -2018

........ Team Eisenberg were our miracle workers ........

After 32 years of accumulation, drawers and closets swollen and forced closed, piles of paperwork covering every table, taking the word "clutter " to a new level, it was time to sell our family home. My husband and I thought it would take at least a year to be able to list our home. Then Anat arrived.

After careful, consistent, conscientious planning, Anat orchestrated a complete revitalization of fastidiousness and order that resulted in a well-appointed " home for sale".  Upon her recommendations, we hired skilled, respectful, capable contractors who worked without pause; painting, buffing, repairing interior and exterior and artfully helping us de-clutter. Anat monitored the progress constantly, often, more than once a day. Our home was ready for listing in a little over two weeks; nothing short of a miracle.

The day had arrived- phase 2!  Market prices were reviewed, and the process of selling our well lived in family home began. Within two weeks an offer was made and negotiated. Unfortunately, this offer did not come to fruition. Anat immediately began showing our home, bringing us another buyer within 2 weeks. The whole experience was so quick and so smooth, that we are still processing the experience.

To say that Anat and Eran are top in their field is an understatement. From start to finish, their knowledge of the market, negotiating skills, contacts, and diligent " hands-on" approach exceeded all our expectations allowing for a quick sale at a fair price. When we first put our house up for sale, there were 3 other homes for sale on our block. Those 3 remain on the market, while ours' sold in a matter of weeks. That says it all! Team Eisenberg were our miracle workers.

Rhonda and Ken Goldberg - Tenafly NJ - July 2018

........Her negotiating skills were the perfect balance of getting us the best price possible and not letting us lose a buyer.....

After interviewing several Real Estate professionals, we chose to give our listing to Anat Eisenberg and never regretted our decision for one moment.
Anat is extremely knowledgeable in all things "real estate":
- keeps up to date on all listings in the area and "comps"
- knowledge of all demographic groups that purchase in Tenafly and markets to them specifically in addition to thorough "general" marketing (Internet, Social Media, Print, etc)
- ALL showings are handled by Anat so we were assured that prospective buyers would be getting a top line home tour
- her suggestions in "home staging" were invaluable
- her negotiating skills were the perfect balance of getting us the best price possible and not letting us lose a buyer

In addition to all the items listed above, Anat was an immeasurable wealth of resources for everything we needed (even things we didn't KNOW we needed):
- handyman
- plumber
- mover
- estate sales expert who did all the work and succeeded in selling almost everything at great prices

No matter what you need, "she's got a guy"!

I highly recommend Anat would work with her again and again.

Anita Nazario & Rick Bartolomei -Tenafly NJ - June 2018

........We were under contract within 2 months.....

Team Eisenberg are simply the best! From the moment we have decided to list our home and have chosen to work with Team Eisenberg, they held our hands thru the entire process: from the preparations needed in order to maximize the appeal of our home thru the numerous open houses and promotional activity all the way to the professional negotiations and to closing. We could not have chosen a better team to represent us and lead us thru the process. I would highly recommend any seller or buyer to reach out to Team Eisenberg!!!

Carrie Byrne Putelo & Carol Byrne - Tenafly NJ - April 2018

……..I will definitely use them again……

Anat & Eran provided excellent advice regarding the marketing of my home which as an older home and proved more difficult to sell than I had expected. Team Eisenberg helped with every aspect of getting the house sold and provided all the needed services and excellent contractors along the way. They personally assisted many times and were always available to answer questions. The quality of their work product is excellent. I feel I made the right choice with Anat and her team. Caring, committed and fast, I will definitely use them again.

Laretta Bruno - Tenafly NJ - April 2018

........We could not have chosen a better team to represent us.....

Team Eisenberg are simply the best! From the moment we have decided to list our home and have chosen to work with Team Eisenberg, they held our hands thru the entire process: from the preparations needed in order to maximize the appeal of our home thru the numerous open houses and promotional activity all the way to the professional negotiations and to closing. We could not have chosen a better team to represent us and lead us thru the process. I would highly recommend any seller or buyer to reach out to Team Eisenberg!!!

Seffi & Jill Janowski - Tenafly NJ - December 2017

....Her dedication, work ethic and results, leave me in awe......

There are a lot of real estate agents out there. However, there is only one that I would trust advising and guiding me through the process of selling, buying or renting a home. That agent is Anat Eisenberg. I have worked with her on each type of transaction and she is the BEST. Her dedication, work ethic and results, leave me in awe. Read below and you will understand why I feel the way I do about Anat.

Transaction 1: Estate Sale

How do you maximize the value of a home that is nearly 50 years old and was minimally updated during that period? Add in the challenge of multiple siblings/decision makers and the recent passing of your Mother. Who do you call? Anat Eisenberg.

It doesn't take long driving around Bergen County, especially Tenafly, Cresskill and Alpine or checking out NJMLS or Realtor to quickly realize that Anat is one of the most active realtors in the area.......Read more

However, I generally associated Anat with the higher end market, as she has listed and sold many $million plus homes. So, I wasn't sure how interested or dedicated she would be trying to sell my Mother's home that was in the sub $600k range. My sisters and I met with her and she promised she would give the same dedication to our listing as those multi-million dollar listings and she kept her word. She gave specific advice regarding which improvements were worth performing to make the home as marketable as possible and get the greatest return on investment. The house was under contract in less than two weeks, close to asking price. In addition, she had a great team that assisted us throughout the process, beginning to end.

Transaction 2: Divorce Sale

First an estate sale and then a divorce sale. I certainly wasn't making it easy for Anat. Anyone that has been through the sale of a home, due to divorce, knows what I am talking about. Anyone that is considering selling a home, due to divorce, I highly recommend you contact Anat. Anat made the experience as painless as possible, considering the circumstances. She found my ex-wife and our children, the perfect home to rent (technically, transaction 2), which enabled us to get the house ready for listing, limiting the impact to them while maximizing the value of the home. The house had multiple offers within the first few days and we were under contract in the first week AT FULL ASKING PRICE.

Transaction 3: Another Rental

When the landlord of my ex-wife's rental wanted to sell the house, Anat advised and guided her through the process with the landlord to ensure that she was leaving on the best terms. In addition, Anat found her another great home to rent.

Transaction 4: New Beginnings

As a result of the various transactions Anat has guided me through, I have developed a great appreciation and respect for her advisement. So, what do I do, continue renting or buy a home? I sat down with Anat. We discussed all the variables (my savings, job status, income, lifestyle etc.). Ultimately, we concluded that it made sense for me to purchase a home. Unlike what most other realtors would have probably done, she advised me to keep my house search at a price below what I could have qualified for. She wasn't looking to maximize her commission, she was considering what was genuinely in my best interest, which I greatly appreciated. I'm typing this review from my new home, which I'm so happy I decided to purchase. Anat didn't just help me with the purchase. Even afterward, she would come by and help me decide on paint colors, what color should I stain the wood floors, what improvements should I make to the house. If I need someone to refer to me a contractor, I text Anat and she promptly responds back to who to contact.

I extremely rarely write reviews. However, Anat deserves this review and if you want the best realtor possible to help you with the sale, purchase or rental of your home, you deserve it as well.

Best Wishes,

Steven Frydel – Haworth NJ – December 2017

......will definitely work with them again!.....

My husband and I were very happy with Eran & Anat's guidance through our recent home purchase process - will definitely work with them again! Thank you!

Julia Park – Tenafly NJ – December 2017

..........They went the extra mile to get the business done .........

Anat and Eran Eisenberg helped us buy our home and when we had to move helped us sell our home. They went the extra mile to get the business done and finalize our transaction. They are very efficient and have a clear process.

Sanford & Yuko Gold - Tenafly NJ - August 2017

.........amazed at how promptly Ms. Eisenberg came to understand our needs......

My wife and I were amazed at how promptly Ms. Eisenberg came to understand our needs, and at the advice and help she provided. She promptly evaluated the value of the house we planned to sell, advised how to best to present it to potential buyers, and managed to sell it practically over night.

Evelyn & Norbert Ripp - Tenafly NJ August 2017

Anat.....You got my house in shape, on the market & under contract in a very short order......

I'm writing to thank you and your whole team for the successful sale my East Clinton Avenue house. I know well that it is an older house in a difficult location. You got it in shape, on the market and under contract in a very short order. You managed to keep the sale together when difficulties arose for which I only blame the buyer. Every contractor you referred to me was also a pleasure to work with.
I wish you all the best.

Maarit Nahas - -Tenafly NJ - July 2017

Anat listened to our needs....

Anat Eisenberg is an excellent real estate broker! My husband and I relocated to an area which we were unfamiliar with and she was able to understand and listen to our needs in order to find the best neighborhood for us, and ultimately the house of our dreams! She is extremely attentive and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend her

Daniella & Noah Weubel – Tenafly , NJ – June 2017

Anat is straight-forward, hardworking, savvy, committed, and detail oriented...

Anat and Eran are a great team - they are extremely knowledgeable and experienced. Their connections, ability, and knowledge made all the difference. They have provided us with excellent service during the sale of our property.

Anat is tough, straight-forward, hardworking, savvy, committed, and detailed oriented. She is responsive and returned all text messages, phone calls, and e-mails. She uses the latest technology efficiently to save time. She worked for us and took care of problems we had during the sale process. She has been in the real estate business for a long time and knows how to achieve results.

We highly recommend working with Anat and Eran

Stephen & Caroline Leung - River Edge, NJ - February 2017

Anat Works Round-The-Clock, Answering All Questions Literally… Immediately!

Anat and her team of professionals made the process of selling our Mediterranean style home in Tenafly possible; which speaks volumes as Mediterranean style home is probably the toughest to sell in today’s market on the East Coast. Anat made a life-changing event possible for us all the way to completion, from the first meeting to closing. Suffice to say, that selling a Mediterranean style home in 2016 on the East Coast proved to be a most challenging real estate transaction, and certainly for us. Having Anat and her team as our partners steer us through the many bumps we encountered with permits and other regulations helped us find a qualified buyer. Her team seemed to work round-the-clock, answering all of our many questions literally immediately while providing advice on the myriad municipal requirements we had to comply with. If you are contemplating who to have in your corner as your realtor, call Anat and you will be glad you did.

Ed & Anya Rubin - Tenafly, NJ - January 2017

.....Caring, committed and fast.....

In any industry, you need the right advisory team with deep subject matter expertise and experience to support you. Especially on something so personal and important as buying a home, I feel i made the right choice with Anat and her team. Caring, committed and fast. I would highly recommend for buyers or sellers to reach out to her and at least get her perspective and counsel before proceeding to next steps

Harrisen & Shela Kim -Cresskill, NJ -December 2016

Anat... led to a sale at a solid price

Excellent experience, both in selling our existing home, and helping us purchase our new home. Anat and Eran are a great team, extremely knowledgeable and experienced. This was especially critical while selling our existing home, which was non-traditional style and had a difficult time locating buyers who would be interested in a non-traditional configuration. Anat and Eran were able to source multiple leads for the house, thoughtfully described the house's potential to prospective buyers, and eventually led to a sale at a solid price. We are very happy with the result, and highly recommend them for anyone looking for a real estate team with local expertise and great negotiating skill.

Elaine & Ariel Szin - Tenafly NJ - Nov 2016

Anat gets the job done, and done right.....

Our experience working with Anat and her team is excellent!
Anat has been our agent for over 12 years. Most recently she helped us to buy an investment house and find tenants in record time in the end of the fall season that can be quite slow.
She is very knowledgeable of the market and providing phenomenal end-to-end service at every step involved in the buying, selling and renting process
We find Anat to be hard working, savvy, direct, fully committed, incredibly thorough and an awesome negotiator. She is always available, very responsive and returned all phone calls and emails promptly.
She is someone who really listens to her clients, she understood what we are looking for and worked with us to meet our needs and budget.
Anat gets the job done, and done right, professionally and timely

Avital & Rafi Maslaton - Tenafly NJ - Nov-2016

Anat is an amazing Agent!!!

It was a pleasure working with Anat! She has excellent negotiation skills. I'm very happy with the successful sale transaction which went above my expectations. Anat is an intelligent woman, extremely dedicated and the level of knowledge she has on marketing makes her unique!! Most important she is honest, listens to her clients, always available and goes the extra mile to meet all expectations. I highly recommend Anat and her excellent team!

Thank you Anat for the outstanding service!

Leda & Ben Dekaj - Demarest NJ - July 2016

Anat went the extra mile for us....

Dedicated and went the extra mile for us. We had many offers, but they fell through. She continued working for us and took care of problems we had along the way.

I would highly recommend the Eisenberg team for any future buyer or seller. They are THE BEST !

Audrey & David Weitzman - Demarest NJ - June 2016

Anat's efforts brought several offers....

Their first rate presentation of the house on the Internet, included virtual walk-thru, floor diagrams and pictures that presented the house and it's features in the fullest way. Those that did make an appointment to visit the house were already familiar with home's layout and details, making them more serious prospects.

Anat recognized the value in the house and helped prospective buyers to understand the same, as well as approaches to adapt the house to meet their own particular objectives.

Her efforts brought several offers and we were pleased with the results, and time from list to close. We recommend Anat and her group to do a professional and effective for others looking to sell their home.

Jim & Karen Mccue - Tenafly, NJ - June 2016

Most importantly she always advocated for us.

We really enjoyed working with Anat. Her knowledge of the market is unparalleled; she was incredibly thorough and diligent throughout the process and most importantly she always advocated for us. Would easily recommend to others.

Alfred and Jane Cho - Tenafly NJ - May 2016

Anat is a wonderful broker....

She has a very friendly team and really looks out for you.
She's tough and doesn't stand for any BS.
She's been in the business for a long time and knows how you should be represented.

Rosa Brucia - Bergenfield, NJ - May 2016

Anat's talent and work ethic make her a fantastic choice....

With Anat's help, I sold a house with extreme efficiency. Anat is very detail oriented and her ability and knowledge made all the difference. She is accessible and easy to work with. Her talent and work ethic make her a fantastic choice for anyone looking to buy or sell their home.

Gabriel Aivazov - Tenafly - May 2016

She sold my house quickly and in the most professional way...

It was pleasure working with Anat. She sold my house quickly and in the most professional way. She had advised me throughout the process and brought the best results. I highly recommend her.

Guy -Closter - September 2015

Anat, and her team are best of the best!!!

We cannot thank you enough Anat and the entire team, for another successful sale transaction.  This is the 6th transaction that you represented us in the last few years.

Your professionalism, enthusiasm, commitment and dedication to us separates you from the rest of the pack.  You have shown us time and time again that you know everything  there is to know about real estate and that you will do whatever it takes for the success of your clients.

This transaction was not easy mainly because we had already relocated out of state.  Despite many hurdles we encountered on the way to close you always came up with solutions and kept our interests as top priority.  With your professionalism you made a very stressful process the least painful and thanks to you - and you alone - we managed to overcome the challenges.

Roy & Karina Luria - Closter - October 2015

.....thrilled with the job Anat did for us......

We were thrilled with the job Anat did for us in both selling our home and helping us find our new home! Very professional and knowledgeable!

Jana & Andrew Ashkenase - Tenafly - August 2015

You are the ultimate was a pleasure to work with you and your team.

Dear Anat,
I just want to say thank you for all your work on my behalf.  You are the ultimate professional and it was a pleasure to work with you and your team.  I really appreciated your knowledge and attention to detail.

Maureen Lavin - Tenafly - August 2015

Anat is a "take charge" and fully committed advocate of her clients.....

Anat Eisenberg is a consummate professional realtor with whom my wife and I thoroughly enjoyed working. Needless to say, the successful sale of our home was the ultimate objective, which was unequivocally accomplished. It must be further pointed out that Anat (as well as her partner, Eran) are "take charge" and fully committed advocates of all their clients...and I feel fortunate to have been one of them.

Michael & Erica Reiner -Tenafly - July 2015

Every detail is considered by Anat & her team and, her professionalism shines through……

We cannot speak more highly of Anat and her entire team. She made the sale of our home a smooth and pleasant transition. Anat offers first class service from day one. It is easy to see why she is ranked #1 in Tenafly. Every detail is considered and her professionalism shines through. It was a great experience and recommend her to anyone..

Alyssa & Eli Hackel – Tenafly – June 2015

Anat is an Incredible agent. She is conscientious, professional, effiecient and very knowledgeable…..

She goes above and beyond to get what is best for her client. She has the ability to listen and understand her clients needs and desires. She was able to know which house was best for us even before we knew. Anat didn’t only sell us our home she has helped us in all aspects after the sale. Any time we contacted her for references to contractors of any sort she has delivered. She has made our transition from NYC seamless. I highly recommend her. Do yourself a favor. Don’t waste your time with anyone else. I promise you won’t be disappointed..

Rosie Weissbart – Tenafly – May 2015

Thanks for doing your best keeping things on track…

Dear Anat ,Bonnie and I would like to thank you for all your help in facilitating this transaction. As expected, there were bumps in the road and you did your best to keep things on trak in a professional way.

Charlie & Bonnie Federman – Tenafly – December 2014

Thanks for taking control and getting this done

Dear Anat and Eran, Cant thank you both enough. You made this process easy and we always felt like there was a plan and were in control which gave us confidence in direction and decisions. We always knew that you had our back and were pursuing our best interests aggressively. It was a pleasure to meet you and work with you. Thanks for taking control and getting this done.

Rachel & Josh Schanzer – Tenafly – September 2014

We’re so grateful to have had you in our corner

Dear Anat and Eran, we just wanted to let you know what a critical role you played in making every step of the process successful for us. When it came to the sale of our home, your expert advice allowed us to price, stage,list, and sell our home quickly. We appreciated your no-nonsense approach and your straightforward guidance. Then you not only found us our new dream home, but you worked tirelessly to turn it into a reality for us. Your experience in the industry, your relationships in this area, and your complementary partnership made you an invaluable team. We’re so grateful to have had you in our corner

Karen & Scott Miller – Tenafly – September 2014

You truly care and are an amazing woman!

Dear Anat: I can’t thank you enough for everything you have done for me in getting my house sold and closing on time. As you know two months prior to the closing I shattered my knee, had two surgeries and didn’t come home from the hospital until a week before the closing. You gave me peace of mind knowing I could trust you and that you were working FOR me. I couldn’t have done it without you. Oftentimes you did everyone else’s work for them to help me. You tirelessly worked with a difficult buyer who was relentless in giving me a hard time every single step of the way. My real estate attorney threw me under the bus. I was bullied by everyone. You chose to help me and protect my interests. You went way over and above what any good realtor would have done. Your perseverance in working for me under such exhausting circumstances is how I was finally able to close on time. World’s Best Agent!

Maria Couri – Demarest – January 2014

Best professional realtor that I have met….

Anat sold my house without any problems; she also helped us decided on a new house for our family without problems, and also to reduce the price etc…
I have many regrets as to why I didn’t listen to Anat and her professionals in the first place.

At first I thought a bigger bank was for the better and I insisted using Chase bank for mortgage…..I ran into cycles of problems…..and immediately Anat introduced me a different mortgage company and made sure to fix all the problems… to a successful closing….

She wholeheartedly answers 24/7, 365 days for whatever questions you ask her….

For any question or, reference, please email me

Wontae Moon – Tenafly – December 2013

Anat expertly guided us through the sales process….

Anat and Eran helped us sell our townhouse in what was a disappointingly difficult market and a slow time of year. They expertly guided us through the sales process. They utilized marketing tools that described and depicted our home beautifully over the Internet. Their professionalism and hard work were instrumental in securing a buyer on a timely basis and on terms acceptable to us. We truly appreciated working with Anat and Eran.

Ellen & Jeff Kozlowski – Tenafly – November 2013

Thanks to your pragmatic approach our landing in Tenafly was smooth….

Now that we have settled in our new home we would like to thank you for your great help during our relocation process. When we started to look for a house to buy in Tenafly, few friends had recommended us to hire your services as a broker. Right from the beginning we understood that the great thing about you, compared to other brokers we have consulted with, is that the brokerage part was just a small part of the whole package of services you wrapped for us. Not only that you were focusing at the exact kind of house we were looking for but you also provided all the information regarding the neighborhood such as schools and kindergarten registration as well as helping us with recommendations and suggestions of how to renovate and design the house. We appreciate that you personally accompanied us for every important meeting and became the address for all the answers we needed at any aspect. You were constantly reachable and thanks to your pragmatic approach our landing in Tenafly was smooth and comfort. We had a great pleasure working with you and we will happily recommend of your services to our friends.

Gali & Asaf Shuster – Tenafly – November 2013

The best decision we made was to employ Anat Eisenberg….

When our children concluded their education in Tenafly and left the nest, we decided to move back to NYC.

The best decision we made was to employ the services of Anat Eisenberg to market our very unique and beautiful home. She did an exemplary job of setting up an extraordinary web site which showcased our home perfectly. Because of the wonderful marketing job she did we received a bid on the second day our home was on the market that ultimately resulted in a sale and closing in less than 90 days.

I unreservedly recommend Anat to anyone who is serious about selling or buying a home.

Jack Epstein – Tenafly November 2013

highly intelligent, hard working , smart real estate agent….

Anat is a highly intelligent, hard working , smart real estate agent . My husband and I knew nothing about the Tenafly area, and we were looking for a classic older home. She was diligent, patient, and best of all advocated for us at every step of the process… from the initial looking at the different houses, to the inspection and the negotiations. She really knows a lot about NJ real estate law and at times was ahead of the game in reminding our lawyers as to what should or could be done. Her husband, Eran, was equally knowledgeable and patient.

They are a wonderful team and we were very fortunate to work with them.

Shibani Ray & Amitabha Mazumder – Tenafly – August 2013

..Anat gave us the right advice…without forcing our decisions..

We came to Anat with very challenging limitations:

  • only 1 month to find a home
  • an area with barely any listings
  • a limited budget
  • ready-to-move conditions

We didn’t have much hope and were already looking into other rental houses since our current lease was coming to an end. Anat worked day and night to find us the perfect home and she did!! She always managed our expectations and truly helped us see each listing for what it really was. Giving us just the right advice and warning without forcing our decisions. Anat’s skills continued through the whole mortgage and closing process where she handled and anticipated the numerous hurdles personally.

Our new home surpasses our exceptions and so did Anat. Thank you so much!

Farid & Liki Chaouki Closter – July 2013

creative approach…. sensitive to our needs

I highly recommend Anat and Eran Eisenberg at Prominent Properties Sotheby’s. My wife and I were shopping for our dream home. Anat and Eran were extremely helpful and patient. They presented all the options in our preferred area, style, and price range. Once we found our perfect home, Anat and Eran were quick in putting in the offer and closing the deal. We found that Eisenberg’s have a very creative approach. They were sensitive to our needs and were very dedicated and professional. Thank you again, Anat and Eran for all you have done for us!

Zahy & Yael Levy – Tenafly June 2013

Impressed by your professionalism, knowledge of the market and honesty.

Dear Anat,

Prior to meeting you I had interviewed a number of real estate agents and none of them felt right. From the very first meeting with you I was impressed by your professionalism, knowledge of the market and honesty. After listing with you I was once again impressed by the web posting of my home and the take-away sheets for possible buyers. The time and effort you put into the sale of my home as well as your pride in doing the best job possible, did not go unnoticed. You guided me to the successful sale of my home and made it as easy as possible. I recommend you, without hesitation, to anyone intent on selling their home.


Steven H Sacks, MD Tenafly – June 2013

Can’t imagine anybody better

Dear Anat,

We appreciated your help in selling our Mom’s house. You told us, specifically, what we needed to do to prepare the house for sale. You explained the entire sale process in detail, walked us through it, giving advice along the way, and sold the house in record time. When it comes to selling a house, I can’t imagine anybody better. Thank you.

Lisa Kaplan, Tenafly, May 2013



Thank you for all of your assistance in helping us to sell our mom’s house. You took care of everything every step of the way and provided us with great advice. You described exactly how you wanted to proceed before we listed and then, did all the things you said needed to be done. Plus you had a great offer in two weeks — amazing.

Michael Kaplan Tenafly April 2013


Anat represented us as a seller in a difficult market. She was professional, efficient, extremely hard working and always available whenever we had questions. Anat was able to successfully market and sell our home. I highly recommend Anat and Eran to sell your home. Additionally, Anat has represented us as buyers and has been steadfast in her support, patient, and strong. She understands her market and her business and provides excellent advice throughout the process. I highly recommend this team of professionals.

Adam & Marina Jacobson – Tenafly April 2013

Persistent & Professional

Anat persisted in a tough market to sell our home. She is persistent and professional. Her marketing & negotiating skills distinguish her from the rest.

Karen Norton – Tenafly April 2013

I want to express my appreciation to you both, Anat and Eran

I want to express my appreciation to you both, Anat and Eran, for the successful marketing and selling of my house in Tenafly. You gave this property your full attention and completed the sale in a short period. Your attentiveness to my questions and concerns was reassuring. I especially valued your input regarding repairs and sharing names of people capable to do them.

It is your long-time experience in real estate combined with your marketing skills that made this sale nearly effortless for me. I was in good hands.

It will be my pleasure recommending you to anyone in need for a real estate transaction.

Elisabeth – Tenafly October 2012

Anyone not using Anat’s services is surely settling for less

We have moved homes plenty times in our past, but I have to say that buying a home with Anat’s help was by far the best experience we had yet. Her professionalism and practical, always positive and emphatic attitude made this one a real pleasure.

Anyone not using her services is surely settling for less.

Roni and Oren Frank, Tenafly -August 2012

Extremely dedicated and professional – Anat Eisenberg – Top realtor in Tenafly

Anat and Eran Eisenberg have been instrumental in the purchase of our new house. They were extremely dedicated and professional, always on top of every single detail of the transaction, making sure each step of the way that the deal is on the right track. Working with Anat and Eran we knew all along the way that we are in good hands and that we could trust them to bring us the best results.

When it came to selling our old house, their experience and professionalism were once again, an asset that made the sale process a quick and smooth one.

It was a pleasure working with you. Thank you for everything!

Rony & Seffi Bejarano – Tenafly NJ – July 2012

Amazing Realtor in Tenafly – Anat Eisenberg – AAA rated realtor in Tenafly

Anat and Eran helped selling our house. They were very professional and courteous. They know the market very well and were on top of things all the way.

They were very good marketing our property and were excellent handling the offer and closing the deal. They had an excellent negotiation skills and they handled the deal as if it was their own.

We felt they were on our side to protect our interest all the time. It was a pleasure working with them and they are the BEST out there.
We’d recommend them to anyone looking for a competent realtor.

Grace Kwak & Jay Jung – Tenafly NJ – June 2012

Amazing Realtor in Tenafly-Anat Eisenberg - AAA rated Realtor in Tenafly


Grace Kwak & Jay Jung – Tenafly NJ – June 2012

I would most strongly recommend you as selling brokers.

I would most strongly recommend you as selling brokers. The knowledge of the market place as far as your advise on how to price our home was great. The internet marketing that you did allowed for numerous showings and we feel extremely fortunate to have received a viable offer within the first couple of weeks of your receiving the listing.

You stayed on top of things and followed up on any problems that arose during the contract period and I would like to thank you for all your help during such a stressful time.

Please feel free to contact me if there is anything that I can be of help with to you.

Kind Regards,

Arlene & Kenneth Deutsch – Tenafly NJ – June 2012

Anat is very, very patient and trustworthy!!!

Anat is very, very patient and trustworthy!!! She worked with us for over two years until we found just what we were looking for. Prior agents clearly became impatient after just a couple months of looking, obviously wanting the quick commission and hoping we would make significant compromises. We never felt that way about Anat. Anat also helped to educate us on types of houses, different contruction materials, the purchasing procedure, requirements and expectations, and walked us through all of the steps so as to put us in the best position possible when it came time to bid. She knows the market inside and out and offered us what I eventually came to realize were very accurate assessments of each house’s value whether it be over, under or correctly priced. Lastly, she advocated for us with the selling brokers and worked very hard to provide us with any information we would need to make informed decisions. Simply put, as first time home buyers, we felt protected by having Anat in our corner!

Andrew & Allison Chertoff – Tenafly NJ – September 2011

We have worked with Anat on several transactions recently...

We have worked with Anat on several transactions recently and in the last few years, both as a seller and a buyer. Simply put, I find Anat to be a true professional and the best of the best. Anat has proven to be trustworthy, experienced and wise, giving me well reasoned good advice at a time of need. Anat was dedicated to her clients like no other and is accessible at any hour of the day – always willing to jump all over and satisfactorily resolve any issue or complexity that presents itself in the course of the transaction. Anat also works closely with other excellent professionals that together made my transactions go smoothly despite several obstacles.

Roy & Karina Lurie , Closter NJ – August 2011

We want to thank you for making our first home buying experience very easy and pleasant...

Dear Anat,

We want to thank you for making our first home buying experience very easy and pleasant. We really love the way you care about us, and our new home even weeks after we closed. Thank you for everything for all your time and information it means a lot to us.

With Lots of Love

Nida and Khalid Mansoor – Tenafly NJ July 2011

We are so happy to be official homeowners!...

Thanks Anat !!

We are so happy to be official homeowners! We thank you both for your professional nature, good advice, responsiveness, and perhaps most of all, your endless patience.

All the best, and please enjoy a wonderful holiday weekend

Marita Teng & Greg Dakin – Tenafly NJ July 2011

Thanks so much for all that you have done for my parents in selling their house...

Dear Anat,

Thanks so much for all that you have done for my parents in selling their house. You were assertive with potential buyers in order to get us the best price.

You were able to get us top dollar for their property in a down market.

In addition, you operated with integrity and placed our needs first. You were always available to speak to us if we had any questions orconcerns. You consistently provided us with outstanding service.

You’re terrific… a “one-of-a-kind” realtor !

Doris Makari, MD – Demarest NJ July 2011

We were told that “Anat is a one stop shop”...

We were told that “Anat is a one stop shop” but before we have gone through the entire 9 yards we couldn’t appreciate what it meant. Now we definitely understand….. It starts with understanding our needs and interests, through showing the right houses without wasting time, explaining each step of the lengthy process, connecting & bringing experts during the process in a timely fashion, and most importantly constantly focusing on the strategy how to make the deal happen. From the very beginning till closing you were on top of everything. We always felt secure knowing that you are available for us 24/7.

You are definitely the most devoted and professional person we have ever worked with. It was a pleasure working with you!!! and we will be your ambassadors.

Thank you again for everything you have done for us.

Einat & Boaz Schnitzer

We were looking at our dream home...

“We were looking at our dream home. We did not have a buyers agent, and Anat was the seller’s agent. We were impressed by Anat’s professionalism and deep knowledge of the business as well as her personal nature. She is 100% invested in what she does. Anat became our agent in the transaction and we felt that we were treated very fairly as well as getting good advice at all stages. Anat also put us in touch with the people we needed to get all the pieces in place. We subsequently worked with Anat to sell our previous home, and the experience as a seller was also very good. I wish that everyone did their jobs as enthusiastically and professionally as Anat.”

Ian & Jennifer Giblin

Thanks for the good work marketing our home...

“Thanks for the good work marketing our home. You are highly professional and it’s been a pleasure to work with you. I’d be happy to serve as a reference if you have any prospective clients in search of feedback”

John & Kelly Welsh

Anat, thank you for selling my house at the price I wanted to get...

“Anat, thank you for selling my house at the price I wanted to get. Your work is the best out there. No one can compete with your quality & dedication. You just don’t know how to lose in this business… Keep in touch"

Gena & Dori Avishay

I would like to thank you for the most professional, courteous and patient manner

“Dear Anat,I would like to thank you for the most professional, courteous and patient manner in which you handled the sale of our Fort Lee town house and, the purchase of our new home in Englewood Cliffs.
It was a sheer pleasure dealing with you."

Vikki & Anthony Briscoe

Anat we were not easy customers, but you didn’t give up on us...

Anat we were not easy customers, but you didn’t give up on us when each week we told you it was not exactly what we wanted.. and as the closing came we could only say one thing; “Thank God Anat is on our side” (even the seller said that next time he will sell his house he will make sure to hire you)…all along the way you stood up to every promise you made making our first experience of buying a house a good one

Elinor & Dr Milo

We take this opportunity to thank you for the great & outstanding service...

We take this opportunity to thank you for the great & outstanding service..your knowledge of the real estate market, professionalism and foresight, saved us a lot of time, money and aggravations. By working with you we got the perfect house for us, but not less important – we won a true friend. One thing is for sure- we’re going to spread the word and recommend you to everyone who looks for a house.

Orly & Gil Ben-Itzhak

Anat held my hand and completely reassured me throughout the entire home purchasing process...

“Anat held my hand and completely reassured me throughout the entire home purchasing process. My anxieties were eased knowing that she was always looking out for my best interest. From our first meeting until after I moved into my new home, Anat was by my side helping me with each decision. I am utterly grateful for her help and I look forward to my next sell and purchase with her.”

Jon Rabinowitz

From the very first time we met, we knew it was a match...

“From the very first time we met, we knew it was a match. We told Anat our situation ( needed to sell in Manhattan & buy in Tenafly) and she immediately understood & offered nothing but a professional service. Anat’s realistic knowledge of market prices her accurate estimates of personal monthly expenses and, full understanding of the differences between buying & selling practices in Manhattan and New Jersey, helped us close both deals in a timely and professional manner. Anat is not just another realtor, she is a long term relationship. Anat is dedicated, honest and a pleasure to work with. Thank you Anat for everything with love.

The Rosenzweigs

…the service provided us after the purchase of our home was exceptional...

“…the service provided us after the purchase of our home was exceptional and more than we could ever expect.. Anat treats her clients more like one treats friends.. we are much in debt for her professional manner, dedication,integrity and the overtime she put in for us.

For us Anat is the only realtor one should consider working with.. we will recommend her to all of our good friends..”

Judith & Avi More