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Tenafly High School

A four-year comprehensive public school that serves students from grades nine through twelve, Tenafly High School is an award-winning educational institution celebrated for its high levels of academic performance and variety of extracurricular activities. With just over 1000 students and a student-teach ratio of 11.7 to 1, this Bergen County school has made it its mission to create a diverse community that values academic excellence, responsibility and self-expression, with a focus on creating a nurturing learning environment which challenges its students. The school’s achievements in this regard are reflected in the many awards and honors bestowed upon the institution, including scoring second best high school in the state of New Jersey and consistently ranking in the top five schools in the state.

Tenafly High School’s Academic Achievements

Among many honors, in 2005 Tenafly High School was awarded the prestigious ‘No Child Left Behind’ Blue Ribbon School Award, granted by former President George W. Bush and the United States Secretary of Education, Margaret Spellings. Tenafly was the only high school in the state, and one of only 38 public high schools in the entire United States, to receive the 2005 Blue Ribbon School Award, which is considered one of the highest honors an American school can achieve. Tenafly High School was also ranked second best public high school in New Jersey in the New Jersey Monthly magazine in September 2008 and has continued being highly ranked every year since. You can view here the Tenafly Academic Profile Report and college placements for the school year 2016-2017

Tenafly High School Extracurricular Activities

Tenafly High School has also been recognized for its students’ achievements outside of the world of academia, such as with the competitive debate team, which has excelled in competitions over the years, placing first and second in overall standings. The school’s tennis team is also a continuing state champion, and its football and ice hockey teams are considered very successful as well, earning league titles and joining in the Tenafly schools’ tradition of being the best. The high school’s swimming, soccer, softball, track, volleyball, basketball, and cheerleading teams have all also won titles.