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Tenafly Homes For Sale

A Better Home in Tenafly, New Jersey

Seeking a Home in Tenafly

Anat Eisenberg invites individuals who are seeking a house in Tenafly to find a dream home that is tailored to their needs by contacting Anat here.

Your Tenafly Home is less than 5 miles away from
New York City

Tenafly is significantly above the state average in many parameters: from median household income to median house value, to length of stay since moving in – all evidence of a stable, rooted population. Education, highly valued among the residents whose percentage with a bachelor’s degree or higher is significantly above the state average, is reflected in the quality of Tenafly public schools, consistently ranked in the top 3 in New Jersey. The total number of Tenafly schools listed is 11, 6 public and 5 private.

A Better Home for the Children: Tenafly Schools and Education

Your Tenafly home is a better place for your family as well. Quality education is paramount throughout Tenafly where high school students average a combined SAT score of 1154 and 94 percent attend college. The Tenafly New Jersey Board of Education is the policy-making body of the school district. Schools include Tenafly High School, Tenafly Middle School, and four elementary schools: Malcolm S. Mackay School, Ralph S. Maugham School, J. Spencer Smith School and Walter Stillman School.

The Tenafly New Jersey Board of Education is the policy-making body of the school district. In the 11.943 sq. kilometers of the Borough of Tenafly, Tenafly High School, only 10 minutes away from the outskirts of New York City, provides each student with an education that develops the highest degree of individual excellence by creating a safe and caring environment that encourages learning and personal fulfillment and promotes the growth of self-discipline, responsibility and self-expression, as well as moral, intellectual and aesthetic values.

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Tenafly Culture and History

Tenafly NJ prides itself in its commitment to conservation, cultural diversity, quality schools, and historic preservation. Visit the Tenafly library, the community’s resource for scholarship, culture, and relaxation, to enjoy the Library’s Steinway Piano originally owned by Chico Marx and donated by the Friends of the Library. The Tenafly Historic Preservation Commission was established in 1988 to identify and protect Tenafly’s architectural and historic legacy and to promote public interest in the Borough’s treasured landmarks. Local historic sites include The Tenafly Railroad Station; the Elizabeth Cady Stanton House; the Roel of Westervelt House; the Christie-Parsels House; the Sickles-Melbourne House; the Demarest-Lyle House; the Theodore Roosevelt Monument and the Palisades.

Outside your Home: Tenafly Recreation

Your Tenafly home is quite impressive, indeed. But you are also going to enjoy going outside. Tenafly is beautiful! The Tenafly Recreation Commission offers programming for all ages year-round: softball, soccer, baseball, basketball, tennis, walking/jogging and sledding. The Tenafly Racquet Club is a year-round indoor facility with 8 newly resurfaced and repainted heated and air-conditioned hard courts for comfortable year-round play under shadowless non-glare lighting. Tenafly Bicycle Workshop Inc on County Road offers all famous name brands.

Entertainment in Tenafly

If you thought that Tenafly is just about good education, then think again. This town offers great cultural diversity, excellent entertainment options and boasts a good nightlife as well. The town has a bustling and diverse dining scene, with good eateries that offer a range of cuisines, such as Hamsa‘s Moroccan cuisine, Simply Vietnamese‘s South East Asian dishes, but also Axia Taverna, Brasserie,Café Angelique and more…

Besides dining in Tenafly, a wide range of options are also available in the nearby towns of Teaneck and Englewood. Moviegoers have good options too, with Clearview cinemas. Other entertainment options that rank top in town include its golf courses, museum and nature trails.

Tenafly Medical Care

Medical needs are cared for in hospitals/medical centers only 3 to 4 miles from Tenafly. Tenafly Pediatrics is a team of experts, including physicians and clinicians who are dedicated to providing the highest quality of care.

Tenafly’s Community

If you plan to buy a home, you should know Tenafly is a great place to live! Ranked to be one of the best places to live in New Jersey, the town has a natural beauty that enhances the charm spreading over its 5.2 sq mile area. A very diverse community, Tenafly is a welcoming environment for everyone with an eclectic mix of ethnicities. A great education system, cultural diversity, easy transportation facilities and low crime rate make it an excellent place for families with children to live in. It has plenty of facilities that include great dining, shopping, recreation and entertainment facilities. The town also boasts of great open space and its Tenafly Nature Center makes for a wonderful example.

Tenafly – Geography

If you’ve ever wanted a home to close to nature – grass, trees, and water springs, that dream is taking place in Tenafly. Tenafly New Jersey is located within the Hackensack River and Hudson River Watersheds. It is an affluent residential Bergen County borough with a total of 4,897 housing units; settled in 1640, incorporated in 1894, it is a suburb lying along the Palisades and the east bank of the Hudson River. Tenafly takes up 4.4 square miles with a population of 13,806. Its hills, its valleys and its tall trees, which have given the borough its special charm, largely determined Tenafly’s street plan and overall development. Fine schools, quality housing, recreational areas, a unique blend of parks and open spaces and forests, good cultural programs, historic sites, various houses of worship, and reliable borough services all help to attract newcomers to and keep older residents in this historic town.

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